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The Healing Quilt

{August 2014}
Retired Amish newlyweds Emma and Lamar Miller have decided to buy a winter place in Sarasota, Florida. But it wouldn’t feel like home if Emma didn’t take her quilting materials and offer classes. Wounded and hurting people have a knack for finding their way to her classes for some quilting therapy: Jennifer, a pregnant new mom; Mike, a charter boat owner; Erika, a wheelchair-bound teen; Kim, a waitress; Noreen, a newly-retired widow; and BJ, an artist facing illness. And when Jan visits from Indiana, romance is also added to the class discussions.

June 27, 2014

Hymns of Old

Growing up, I learned many hymns, such as “The Old Rugged Cross,” “In the Garden,” “Amazing Grace,” and “Victory in Jesus.” The words to the songs spoke to my heart, just as the passages of Scripture I had committed to memory. The Bible verses, as well as the hymns, helped me survive a dysfunctional home life during my growing up years. In my adult life, scriptures, hymns, and choruses have sustained me through some difficult situations along the way.

Many of the hymns in the Amish Ausbund, as well as those hymns found in other denomination’s church hymnals, were written to help us understand the beliefs and suffering of those who wrote the hymns of old. These songs are a reminder of their faith, and were often written during times of suffering. They were also written to help us understand God and follow His ways.

The next time you sing a hymn, try to visualize the time period it was written, and the condition in which the writer of the hymn lived. Think about a favorite hymn and what it personally means to you.