Dear to Me

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Dear to Me

{May 2015}

Melinda Andrews loves two things deeply-her Amish friend Gabe Swartz and the wild animals she helps to heal. When an Englishman tells Melinda she has a special gift with “critters,” she dreams of becoming a vet. Could this be God’s plan for her life? Gabe loves Melinda and wants to make her his wife. When he finds out about her wild dream, he realizes he must either sacrifice his faith or lose Melinda forever. Will Melinda stay with Gabe and become an Amish fraa or pursue her dream only to be shunned by family and friends forever? Book 3 in the Brides of Webster County series. Read Ch 1 of Dear to Me (PDF)

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April 29, 2015

Grandma’s Quilt

My fascination with quilts began when my mother gave me the old patchwork quilt her mother had made over 90 years ago. As a child, I loved touching the oddly shaped velveteen patches, scattered among colorful cotton and pieces of woolen material. When my daughter got married I passed the quilt on to her. Although none of us had the privilege of meeting my grandmother, since she died when my mother was a girl, her legacy lives on through that beautiful patchwork quilt.

A lot of effort goes into making quilts, and the quilts I now have in my home give me a sense of joy and peace. I’ve mentioned them in several of my Amish-themed novels because I know how important quilts are to my Amish friends.

Do you own something special that was passed on to you from a family member? How has having that item affected your life?