The Decision

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The Decision

{March 2015}
Starting over in a new Amish community after suffering terrible heartbreak has been going good for Jonah miller, until his heart takes another terrible hit. Elaine Schrock loves Jonah, but she feels she must dedicate herself to taking care of her grandmother. Jonah doesn’t know if he can risk loving a third time.

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March 27, 2015

Amish Values

In a recent interview I was asked what draws me to the Amish. My answer was that I am drawn to their strong, Christian values. Since my husband and I have many Amish friends, and have been able to spend a good deal of time with them, I’ve had the opportunity to observe these values. For my Amish friends, God comes first, and then their relationship with family. I have seen our Amish friends make sacrifices to help family members. I have witnessed the close fellowship and strong ties they have with family, which is something I think we all need and should cherish.

Now it’s your turn to answer the interviewer’s question: What draws you to the Amish?